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A new breed of headset – Thrustmaster Y-250P

26 Nov 13

Thrustmaster has entered the gaming headset market with the introduction of the Y-250P headset.

It is a move that could pay dividends for the company as the build quality of this headset is absolutely outstanding. Any online gamer will tell you that they have been through at least a couple of headsets in their time, mostly due to the plastic build but Thrustmaster has concentrated on putting to together a sturdy rather than style conscious headset.

From the outset the packaging isn’t much to look at and the headset looks relatively simple in design compared to competing headsets available, but this is more than compensated for by the quality and functionality.

The connection options are plentiful and as well as being compatible with the PC and PS3 systems it can also be used with the PlayStation4.

The leather headband and earpiece coverings make it extremely comfortable to sit through gaming sessions but as the headset weighs nearly 400 grams you won’t forget that it’s on your head.

The main thing you will notice is the audio quality and the depth of sound which is controlled by using the built-in bass boost control. You will find you can increase the bass level as much as you like but the sound will always remain crisp and most importantly, clear.

The headset also isolates outside noise well so you can become isolated within your gaming experience and provides a good 3D audio effect. The microphone also performs exceptionally well but you may find the quality is more dependent on the voice or chat service you use.

Overall the Thrustmaster Y-250P is a great edition for any gamer and I found the comfort level and quality of the build unrivalled. If Thrustmaster continue the series in this trend they could find themselves with a reputation for building quality headsets on par or greater than Turtlebeach or Steel Series. This headset is safely on my Christmas wish-list this year.

Are you impressed with the Thrustmaster Y-250P? Tell us your thoughts below.

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