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Android App of the Week - NZ Fishing Rules

Kiwis love summer and summer means fishing, so an app that helps you look up all those fishing rules would really come in handy.

Lucky for you, Ministry of Primary Industries (formerly MAF) have released an app that helps you identify recreational fish species, the minimum legal size you’re allowed to catch, and maximum daily limits.

And hooray, it’s free!

For those who can’t recognise a particular fish breed just by looking at it, this app helps you out by giving you simple images of different kinds of fish, as well as some additional info such as its scientific name, its Maori name, and as mentioned how big the fish must be if you want to take it home and eat it. Yum.

An additional handy feature for buddying new fishermen are the short videos embedded into the app that give you instructions on how to release fish safely and humanely. Nice one.

Now, the app isn’t that fancy. But most Government apps don’t run the best and certainly don’t look the greatest, but maybe it will get better with developments.

Not all species have pictures at this point and you can’t zoom in either, but again this should come in due course. It also lags a bit, but don’t let this deter from the really helpful info that app actually has.

We always have our phones on us so NZ Fishing Rules is really just a handy accessory to keep in your pocket while out fishing on the boat or the rocks where you probably don’t have a computer and internet on standby.