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Android App of the Week - Tune In Radio

After discovering the wonderfulness of The Rock FM radio app, my friend turned me to Tune In Radio, a radio app that allows you listen to radio stations from all around the world.

I get sick of music really quickly, so having an abundance of stations to search through is perfect.

Whether you’re a Top 40 kind of listener, or your taste is more specific, Tune In Radio allows you to search either by “recommended”, which consists mostly of Top 40 pop, or more specific channels like ‘90s Alternative’ radio, which plays Nirvana and Pearl Jam and the like, country, heavy metal and all the rest of it.

Or you can look up particular stations from whatever country you want, such as Triple J in Aussie or any New Zealand radio station – music, news, sports, talkback.

The app features a favourites tab where you save the channels you like or want to frequent regularly. This is helpful as it would get annoying having to remember that station you found that station on that time, or having to scroll through the tons of stations that are available.

The app buffers quite a bit, but I feel it’s a given considering how many different options are available. On the other hand the sound is clear as day and the app is really simple and easy to use, and it’s free!

Yes. Best of all it doesn’t drain your battery much nor your data.

It’s also cool to hear what other countries are listen to. You never know, listening to a rock radio station in South Africa may lead you onto your next favourite band!