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Android App of the Week - What's the Word?

This is a simple, fun word puzzle game that is so basic it’s lucky it is so darn addictive.

Each puzzle contains four pictures that have something in common – all you have to do is guess what it is!

There’s no registration or complicated rules, you can just download the app and get going. There are heaps of levels and countless puzzles that range in difficulty.

It’s fun to race with your friends if they have the game too, and see who can solve the puzzles the fastest.

If you get stuck on a puzzle and can’t guess what the word is, you need to have coins to be able to get a clue or a hint. Bad luck if you have no coins, you’ll just end up stuck.

Some may like a skip button – but I think that’s cheating!

It’s nice to play such a basic game that requires a little bit on thinking. It could be cool if there were time challenges as well though, in case you find the puzzles too easy.

The best thing about this game is that it fits all the requirements of a good phone game – it’s simple and easy to use, it’s a good time waster, it’s fun and frustrating, and it’s addictive.

It ticks all the boxes – so give it a try and see if you can put it down.