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Android App Review: Little Lot

Now I’ve got my first decent Android phone, I’ve been testing out some new apps out there and one I’m really enjoying is Little Lot.

Originally this was known as Donate Your Desktop, but with the move to mobile, they’ve renamed and widened their reach into the mobile space. This is hopefully not just an app, but the start of a social movement that uses advertiser’s money to allow you to donate to charity without lifting a finger.

Brands want to engage with you and their app takes over your lock-screen and offers sponsored wallpapers that try to entice you. With the ability to go straight to the brand’s page from the lock screen as well as share the wallpaper, this gives a great way for users to engage with their favourite brands. You can even like / dislike the wallpapers or replace one with a picture of your own.

It’s only available on Android (but available on Windows and Mac Desktops), as iOS doesn’t give access to the lock-screen. You can choose from a number of New Zealand charities and can see the progress of how you and other backers are doing at raising money for your favourite charity. 75% of the money paid by the advertisers goes to the charity!


  • The easiest ever way to give to charity – Download it!
  • Choice of charities
  • Early in design but with great potential
  • Doesn’t allow pin or pattern lock
  • Not enough people using it!

There’s always so many charities seeking our money, but this app gives a way for you to pass on advertiser’s money rather than your own. I’m a fan of this app. It’s definitely in its early days, but if more people use it, they’ll be able to spend time on developing more functionality and getting more brands and charities involved.

This is another great NZ designed application (TYL that we have the reputation of the best app creators in the world!) that has the ability to go global, so back them!

Score 4.5 / 5