18 Aug 2011
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Android vs iOS: Which are you?

Online market analysts Hunch have released an analysis of the personality traits of smartphone owners who use either the iOS or Android operating systems, in an effort to confirm or disprove the stereotypes associated with each brand.

The report lists everything from basic data such as age and gender to tastes in media, food and fashion, travel history, pet ownership and personality traits.

At a demographic level, users of iOS are more likely to be women, more likely to live in cities rather than suburbs or the country, more likely to be over 35 and more likely to be politically liberal.

In contrast, Android users are more likely to have a lower annual household income, more likely to have never travelled outside their home country, and more likely to say they tend to follow rather than lead.

Hunch is a website that asks people to enter information about their tastes, then provides recommendations of other things they might like based on those responses.

For this report, Hunch took the 15,818 users who had told the site which operating system they used, and cross-referenced the other data provided by those users, totalling over 80 million pieces of information.

Android users were also more likely to consider themselves pessimists and introverts, while iOS users are more likely to say they are early adopters.

As for more specific tastes, Android users prefer mini-pizzas, popcorn and chocolate as snacks, while iOS users will reach for mixed nuts, ginger snaps or yoghurt. For the main course, Android users will order steak or chicken, while iOS users are more likely to choose sushi, tapas or pad thai.

Post your thoughts below, or go here to read the full analysis.

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