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App of the Week - You don’t know Jack

Omg. This game is so much fun. It’s like real live game show on TV, kind of.

It’s a fun, sarcastic taking the pi** trivia game that you play against other people, or your friends on Facebook, and you get points (and you also get deducted points for wrong answers), and your aim is to get a higher score than the other people.

The game is fully animated and there’s a dude that does a voice over.

There's also a new “game” each day, which is exciting, but also means you only get to play once and once you are addicted that sucks, because all you want to do is keep playing

But I think you may be able to collect or buy coins to keep playing.

There are five rounds of questions, or segments, and they all differ.

You answer the questions by tapping on your phone/tablet screen, so depending on the quality of your device it may run a little slow.

A lot of the questions are American-based, but most of them are based on pretty mainstream trivia questions, like TV and actors and stuff like that.

The first time I played was with my friend on his phone, and I got so excited that I was yelling out answers.

I got so involved I decided he was too slow and had to get the game myself.

If you haven’t had a chance to play yet, I really recommend you do; it’s one of the best trivia games out there at the moment.