01 Sep 2011
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Apple chases second lost iPhone

Apple is scrambling to retrieve a prototype iPhone left in a bar by a forgetful employee.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because exactly the same thing happened in April last year. 

This time around, according to CNet, the iPhone was lost in late July, in a Mexican-themed bar in San Francisco called Cava22. 

Details are hazy, but CNet’s source says Apple electronically tracked the device to a local dwelling and, along with San Francisco police, spoke to a man who admitted being at the bar the night of the incident but denied any knowledge of the device.

The Apple representatives offered the man money for the phone, the source continues, but he continued to deny knowledge.

The incident mirrors last year’s iPhone loss, which achieved high publicity after the prototype device was sold to blog site Gizmodo for $5000. 

Much of the publicity centered on whether the loss was a PR stunt, and this year’s incident will do little to quell the debate.

Is this another PR stunt, or the real deal? Tell us what you think below.

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