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Apple confirms retina display, LTE for new iPad - Updated

08 Mar 2012

Apple has confirmed the strong rumours that its new iPad will be compatible with 4G LTE networks, and will have a ‘retina display’, with 2048 x 1536 resolution, equating to 3.1 million pixels and 264 pixels per square inch.

The device, thus far referred to only as ‘the new iPad’, will hit stores on March 16 in 10 countries, although there has been no mention of when it may be available in New Zealand. Update: according to the release we’ll be seeing the device by the end of March.

Attention is currently on what the device might actually be called, with debate swinging between ‘iPad 3’ and ‘iPad HD’. We’ll post an update as soon as it’s confirmed.

Update: The event has concluded and it seems that yes, the new iPad will just be referred to as ‘the new iPad’. Attentive commentators have noted that the company is going to have a branding problem when it wants to unveil its next model.

The Apple website has been updated with new ad material for the device, pushing it as ‘resolutionary’, in reference both to its display as well as the 5MP ‘iSight’ camera with ‘advanced optics, backside illumination sensor, auto white balance and face detection’. On top of all this the camera records video in 1080p HD as well.

Also announced today was the new Apple TV, which will again support 1080p and boasts a new ‘streamlined’ user interface that will recommend movies based on what you've watched previously.

Responses to the announcement on Twitter have ranged from ‘nothing new as far as I’m concerned’ to ‘sorry Android tablets, but new iPad is amazing’.

Apple has posted releases with info about both announcements, check out the iPad release here and the Apple TV release here. Or you can just go to the Apple website and watch the video for the new iPad.

Update 2: Apple’s shares have dipped slightly since the announcement, falling US$4.34 or 0.82%. With the value still well over US$500 per share it’s not drastic, but it’s not a glowing endorsement either. Go here for updates.

Update 3: Mashable has posted a story clarifying that according to Apple the new iPad isn’t called ‘the new iPad’, but is simply, the iPad.

"[Apple] was only calling it ‘new’ in the context of the event,” writer Peter Pachal says,"and to make clear the distinction between the latest model and the iPad 2, which hasn’t been discontinued.”

"Apple refreshes its computers - the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and Mac Mini lines - every year without adding any numerals to the end. Consumers don’t seem to get confused.”

Meanwhile, Apple NZ has dropped the prices of the iPad 2, with the most basic model now selling for $579, down from $799. If today’s announcement didn’t contain any game-changers for you it’s a pretty tidy deal.