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Is Apple creating an unhackable smartphone?

Following the news that Apple would not comply with the FBI's request to hack into an iPhone, new reports have surfaced that indicate the global tech giant is developing new security measures that will make the iPhone entirely hackproof.

Various sources attest to the fact that Apple has been working for some time on creating a phone that is unhackable by government bodies or even Apple itself.

Exactly how Apple will complete this task is uncertain, and some sources say Apple's phone security is technically impossible to fix.

Some experts, however, say Apple will succeed in its development and in doing so will create a significant technical challenge for law enforcement agencies to access data stored on an iPhone.

There is no word as to whether the new security updates will close the loophole that the FBI is currently trying to exploit, but it is thought that this will be a primary focus.

At present, each iPhone has a built-in troubleshooting system that enables Apple to update the system software without the need for the user to unlock the phone. This feature helps the company repair malfunctioning phones and gives customers peace of mind knowing they can still gain access to their phone if they forget their password.

New software could also be used to over-write security measures and therefore give a third party entire access to the phone, which is exactly what the FBI wants to do with the phone of a known killer.

According to the New York Times, focusing on security is a clever move for Apple, as new security measures will help the company stand up to the government and go a long way to reassure investors and customers, while others say an unbreakable iPhone may not be the solution customers are looking for.

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