01 Sep 2011
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Apple domination

If you read our recent cover story about tablets (July 2011), you’ll know that there are quite a few different companies jumping on the bandwagon. But even with all of these new tablets hitting the market, a forecast by market analysts Informa says Apple’s iPad will continue to dominate the tablet market until 2015. Only in about four years will we begin to see Android and some of the other operating systems taking the lead.The study, summarised on Mashable, says Apple currently holds about 75% of the market. However, total sales are expected to balloon from less than 20 million units in 2010 to over 230 million in 2015, and serious competition is only just arriving on the scene.By 2015, Apple’s share will be around 38%, Informa says, with competing operating systems like Android or webOS making up the rest. It is also expected that Android will take the number one spot the following year, pushing Apple into the sea of other competitors.On the other hand, a competing study published by Gartner in April suggested that Apple would hold 47% of the market in 2015, compared with Android at 38%.So who will come out victorious in the tablet market? Only time will tell!

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