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Apple: "We simplify, we perfect"

11 Jun 2013

"If everyone is busy making everything how can anyone perfect anything?"

That's the opening line of Apple's WWDC 2013 conference, translated via a simple black and white slideshow, before CEO Tim Cook even entered the stage.

"We start to confuse convenience with joy abundance with choice," the slides continued.

"Designing something requires focus the first thing we ask what do we want people to feel?

"Delight, surprise, love, connection then we craft around our attention.

"It takes time there are a thousand no’s for every yes.

"We simplify, we perfect.

"We start over until everything we touch enhances it life it touches only then do we sign our work."

With a packed Moscone West convention centre in San Francisco eagerly awaiting Cook's arrival, Apple's message to its competitors and critics is crystal clear: you can't rush perfection.

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