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ASUS PN40, the compact and affordable 4K UHD PC for everyone
Thu, 26th Jul 2018
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Desktop PCs over the years have evolved in two distinct directions; whether that is a large powerful tower that does everything, or a compact and energy efficient little PC that is just right for your application.

This is certainly not the first time we had our hands on the ASUS mini PC. In fact, they have been in this field for almost ten years, pumping out a wide variety of small footprint PCs to suit the consumer, small business and commercial needs. Let's check out what ASUS has or us this time.

The PN40 is ASUSs latest offering for the space-saving thin-client applications such as digital signage, POS machine, KIOSK, and business terminals.

Each PN40 is prebuilt with memory, storage and Windows 10 S Pro (Free Upgradable to Windows 10 Pro 64bit) OS ready for action out of the box.

There is also a cable-free 2.5” expansion bay for the quick and easy upgrade to more storage space; all it takes is four screws to access the 2.5” bay.

While it may look small, it can actually drive up to 2x independent 4K UHD displays at a smooth 60Hz refreshment rate, ideal for both signage and multi-tasking office applications.

There is variation in the PN40 family that is catered to suit varying applications. The PN40-C4000M2S32W10P-CSM comes with a VGA port for compliance to legacy displays, while its fan-less nature made it the perfect choice for the noise and dust critical applications.

The PN40-C4005M4S64W10P-CSM, on the other hand, features twice the performance, and an additional serial port for the convenience of connecting to legacy input devices such as a barcode scanner.

Both super energy efficient, and equipped with Gigabit Ethernet, dual-band AC WiFi ready to join its new work environment.

Surprisingly the PN40 is actually a member of their new CSM (Corporate Stable Model) ecosystem, with a number of value-added extras catered for small business owners.

Each PN40 receives one limited license of ASUS Control Centre, the commercial grade remote maintenance valued at NZ$119.00 for the ease of maintaining client systems remotely. 

Asus also assures a good 36-month supply of system and parts, and 2-years pick up and return warranty when anything goes south.

These neat inclusions should be able to give small business owners more confidence when doing upgrades.

A good product will be far from great if it does not carry an attractive price tag. We do believe ASUS has put in a lot of thought into its pricing as well.

You can walk home with a PN40-C4000M2S32W10P-CSM for sub $500, or down to sub $440 if you are going for the fan-less PN40-C4000M2S32W10P-CSM for less process intensive applications.

Keep in mind that Windows 10 Pro alone costs half the asking price if not more.

Overall, the ASUS PN40 may not be the fastest mini size PCs on the market.

Nevertheless, It offers just the right performance, specifications, application and after service at a very delicious price point.

If you are looking to invest in compact energy efficient systems for your business, the ASUS PN40 is definitely something worth considering.