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Auckland Council launches Buzzed campaign to target city's youth
Fri, 20th May 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The Auckland Council has launched a social media campaign aimed at drawing the attention of Auckland's vulnerable youth, following an Auckland Council report ‘Knowing Someone Cares,'  about the city's young people and their experience with alcohol and drugs.

The campaign - Buzzed, will feature stories designed to stimulate conversation on the real impacts of alcohol and other drugs to inspire change.

Featuring high profile supporters Tiki Taane, Marcus Powell and Mike King, along with a number of young people, the campaign was set up by the Community Action Youth and Drugs (CAYAD) team at Auckland Council, funded by the Ministry of Health.

For this campaign CAYAD filmed a number of individuals who willingly shared their journeys through use and recovery from alcohol and other drugs, to help increase awareness of related harms and support individuals and communities to take action and create positive change. These stories build on the evidence gained through the Knowing Someone Cares report.

“We will be sharing these stories on our BUZZED website and Facebook page so that young people are inspired to create positive change for themselves or in their community,” says CAYAD manager Brian Taylor.

The report's researchers found that vulnerable young people use Facebook to keep up with their friends, but are more likely to access the social media platform sporadically during the day when they are near free Wi-Fi outlets.