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02 Jul 2009

AutoStitch makes wide-angle photography a reality on the iPhone, allowing multiple images to be combined into a seamless panoramic mosaic, with no user input other than selecting the photos required. Harness the power of this award-winning stitching technology for the first time ever on a mobile device. AutoStitch is the only app that can stitch images in any order or arrangement, with both horizontal and vertical motion in the same stitch, and without the tedious manual alignment of images required in other panorama apps. With state-of-the-art algorithms that automatically recognize overlapping images, AutoStitch makes capturing great panoramas easy, fast, and fun. Features: Simple and intuitive interface. Just select images and touch "Stitch". Built-in interactive viewer allows you to browse the panorama as it is built Advanced blending algorithms combine your images with no visible seams Stitch images in any layout, with both horizontal and vertical motion Stitch any number from 2 to 20 or more images Use your existing camera app to take the photos