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Baby boomers catching up to younger generations’ technology skills
Tue, 1st Nov 2011
FYI, this story is more than a year old

You might think that young people are the only ones in the know when it comes to technology, the internet and social media, but you’d be wrong! A recent survey commissioned by leading 50 plus community website, GrownUps, indicates that baby boomers are becoming increasingly tech savvy. More than one thousand Kiwi baby boomers revealed their technological habits in GrownUps annual online survey with results showing the only factor holding people back from using the internet more often was a lack of free time. Additionally, 97 per cent of respondents are regular users of social media sites, with 62 per cent saying they are active Facebookers. YouTube was also popular among the over fifties, and even Twitter! Nearly 80 per cent of respondents said they use the internet to shop online and 56 per cent research travel destinations and book overseas holidays online.Richard Poole, co-founder of GrownUps, says the survey results indicate that Kiwis over 50 are one of the most technologically advanced groups, right up there with those in Generation Y. "Contrary to popular opinion, Kiwi adults over fifty are actually very technologically conscious and utilise the internet for things like online shopping, social networking, banking and booking travel online, just like their children and grandchildren."GrownUps is New Zealand’s largest lifestyle website for the active 50+ crowd, so it is important for us to take the time to find out more about our members. This allows us to better tailor the information, news and entertainment on our website to ensure it meets their needs."The latest survey revealed some interesting results and it is great to know that that Kiwis who fit in the 50 plus age group are a rapidly-growing group of internet savvy New Zealanders,” says Mr Poole.Of those surveyed, 93 per cent of people use broadband internet and nearly 60 per cent of these people use the internet between five and 20 hours per week. Watch out Gens Y and X!