01 May 2009
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Beneath A Steel Sky

By Sean Mitchell

tinyurl.com/cajsb5 It’s unfortunate that, for the most part, point-and-click adventure games have died off. While Sam & Max and Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People are recent examples, older gamers may remember more. Released in 1994, but re-released as freeware in 2003 (and packaged with the appropriate emulator in the link), Beneath A Steel Sky is set in a dystopian future; specifically in Sydney (now Union City), Australia. It’s a city under the control of the Big Brother-like supercomputer, LINC. The game is quite engaging, featuring a great plot and a likeable cast of characters with humorous lines and quite decent voice acting to back it up (even if it is mostly British for some reason). Unfortunately, the LINC-Space areas (cyberspace) fall rather flat, being far too complicated and abstract. Also, not everyone finds point-and-click adventure games fun. But if you feel like trying something a little different, then give this old classic a try.

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