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Biggest disappointment of 2010

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Final Fantasy VII features in the "best of all time” lists of more game critics than perhaps any other title you care to name, so it’s sad to see the series’ first true next-gen offering take out this particular category. Indeed, it’s an incredibly beautiful game, with CG rendering that’s to die for. But it’s oh-so linear, and it there’s one thing that gamers expect from a so-called RPG, it’s not to be funneled down a seemingly never-ending corridor. The game certainly has its fans, though, so perhaps the collective Game Console massive just doesn’t "get" FFXIII. Also, is this a bad time to point out that Final Fantasy XIII scored a 10/10 in the April Game Console? Or that it was the runner-up in the ‘Best RPG’ category on the previous page of this very article?
NOTABLE MENTIONS: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, Medal of Honor

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