FutureFive NZ - Bioshock 2 field-of-view issues here to stay?

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Bioshock 2 field-of-view issues here to stay?

It’s bad news for Bioshock 2 players that have encountered a frustrating field-of-view issue: the game’s developer has no plans to fix it.

Players of Bioshock 2 have reported a field-of-view issue that is affecting their gameplay experience on widescreen monitors. The issue has angered many gamers because it’s seemingly a hangover from the first game that developer 2K has failed to properly address in the sequel.

The issue essentially limits the area that the player can see onscreen, which is considered a crucial stumbling block for a first-person shooter such as Bioshock 2. Peripheral vision is particularly important, and any restrictions can effectively handicap a player. The problem was widely reported in the original Bioshock, with 2K originally defending the field of view before eventually producing a patch.

However, a tech support staffer for 2K has declared on the official forum that the game’s current field-of-view will not change this time around. “Please note the FOV will not change from 75, and we do not plan to change it,” writes Tech Kris in the Bioshock 2 technical support forum.

This is at odds with comments previously made by another 2K staffer, as reported by Kotaku. The site wrote that 2K's community manager responded to player reports by saying that, "Yes, there's a problem, yes, a fix is on the way, yes the view will expand horizontally for you widescreen gamers."

The issue has been reported on PC and console versions of the game.

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