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BlackBerry Summer Apps

01 Dec 2010

Before you go Be sure to get the contents of your suitcase right with Weather Bug and BeWeather Free, which offer automatically updated information about the current conditions, including temperature, rain, humidity and wind. If you’re looking for the latest exchange rates to prepare for your time abroad, then take a look at the Oanda Currency Converter.The DriveSafe.ly app means you don’t have to be distracted by incoming messages while driving. It reads your text messages and emails aloud, and even sends an auto-response to whoever sent you the message. Once you’re there There’s nothing like a relaxing game or two on the beach, and there are a variety of games to help you pass the time. Beach Games features 12 summertime games to keep your mind occupied including beach ball dash, sand sprint, limbo rush, and wave swimming. The Go Surf app offers instructions on how to stand on a surf board, in the water, for longer than two seconds. There are step-by-step instructions and pictures on how to get it right. Just don’t take your BlackBerry into the water with you. Need a break from the power of the sun to cool down? Then get local movie times and cinema details with Flixster. whaZZup Pro lets you search events by city, your current location, venues and by keywords, so you’ll never be stuck for something to do. After a busy day of doing nothing you’ll want a bite to eat. WorldMate is an app that helps you find restaurants and shops so you can recharge your batteries for the night ahead. And if Dad’s missing his sport, point him in the direction of Score Mobile FC for a global perspective on the game.Now you’re back You’re bound to have plenty of pictures from your trip, so use PhotoClub to adjust them, add clipart and frames as well as other custom touches before uploading them to your favourite social network.  Christmas and calories go together like steak and cheese, which means you should probably download the HandyLogs Fitness app that monitors calories burned during various physical activities such as running, walking, cycling and rowing.