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Brancott estate releases world’s most curious bottle

01 Mar 2012
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In a first for a New Zealand wine brand, Brancott Estate has launched a new smartphone application which brings together the world of wine and entertainment in 14 unique consumer experiences. The launch of the new app follows the release of a contemporary new look for Brancott Estate. The distinctive and innovative packaging was launched across the entire range and the design is unique and focuses on celebrating the heritage of Brancott Vineyard, where the original Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc vines were planted. Named the ‘World’s Most Curious Bottle’, the smartphone application continues Brancott Estate’s ‘Stay Curious’ campaign and allows wine lovers to see where their curiosity will lead them by transforming a bottle of Brancott Estate into a portal for both entertainment and wine-focused education. Consumers simply scan the QR (quick response) code from the back of Brancott Estate’s new, contemporary look packaging, they will then be invited to download the World’s Most Curious Bottle App on their smartphone. The free app is designed for Apple and Android smartphone platforms and can only be accessed from those online app stores. Once downloaded, the free app allows smartphones to interact directly with the Brancott Estate bottle. Pernod Ricard New Zealand Managing Director Fabian Partigliani says that with a history founded in innovation in New Zealand, Brancott Estate is leading the way with the use of digital technology by allowing wine lovers to directly interact and engage with the brand via the app. "As the winemakers who pioneered Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, staying curious is integral to the brand’s DNA and this is the next exciting evolution. We wanted to bring this curious experience to life in a tangible, engaging and interesting way. The World’s Most Curious Bottle has allowed us to capture the essence of Brancott Estate while enriching our consumers’ experience. "While many apps offer just one experience, the World’s Most Curious App delivers consumers up to 14 unique experiences covering an array of wine-specific content and entertainment.  We’re proud to extend our Stay Curious platform and be able to offer this exciting innovation.” The app works by prompting consumers to focus their smartphone’s camera on different parts of any new-label Brancott Estate still range bottles to enable the various experiences. There are a number of triggers on the new labelling that the app will recognise, including the front label, QR code and back label map. Consumers are offered a total of 14 different experiences, ranging from virtual visits to Brancott Vineyard in Marlborough to an augmented reality flight with a native New Zealand falcon, tasting notes and food-matching information, and a fully interactive guide to Marlborough’s weather across the seasons.

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