20 Mar 2013
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Breaching the Facebook walls, to thwart hackers

A security researcher has found a pretty gaping hole in Facebook's messaging system, but kindly cemented it closed before those damn hackers found out.

Web developer and online security expert, a term used loosely in the industry, Nir Goldschlager says the loophole could have easily allowed him to access user information.

"Even if the victim has never allowed any application in his Facebook account, I could still get full permission on his account via Facebook Messenger app_id," he said.

After previously finding another breach of the system last month, Goldschlager reported the error to the powers that be at Facebook HQ.

So for all those worrying about losing information to those nasty cyber-bandits, worry not.

Zuckerberg and his army of workers listened to Goldschlager's concerns and acted, fixing the glitch and assuring everybody that no users were impacted.

“It was a very similar bug (with a similar fact pattern) and, as you can see from the post, we were able to fix it almost immediately," Frederic Wolens, Facebook Security Policy manager told MarketWatch.

"We have provided bounties to over 200 researchers, and Mr. Goldshlager has reported multiple vulnerabilities to us in the past."

Not a bad job ay? Maybe those American celebrities should take note - they could do with the help.

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