22 Oct 2015
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Casio EcoLite projector wins Award of Excellence

By Catherine Knowles

Casio has received an ‘esteemed’ education technology award for it’s EcoLite XJ-V1 projector from Tech & Learning magazine.

The magazine recognises outstanding education technology products with a number of awards, and gave Casio’s EcoLite projector the Award of Excellence.

All honoured software, hardware, network, app and web products that were chosen exhibited innovative applications that break new ground and added significant enhancements to proven education tools, according to the magazine.

A panel of more than 30 educators, who tested hundreds of entries, chose the winners.

"Casio is honoured to be recognised for developing innovative and forward-thinking technology for the education industry," says Joe Gillio, Casio's Business Projector Division senior director strategic planning and marketing.

"We pride ourselves in offering a full portfolio of LampFree projectors including the EcoLite XJ-V1 that are intended to address educators' specific needs and help them achieve their goals in the classroom,” he says.

Designed for educators, the EcoLite XJ-V1 includes many of the features of Casio's LampFree projectors in a more afforable package.

Powered by Casio's Laser and LED Hybrid Light Source technology, this LampFree projector combines a laser, fluorescent element and LEDs to generate high brightness and a 20,000 hour estimated lifespan.

The EcoLite requires 180 watts of power at the brightest setting and eco modes can reduce power consumption up to an additional 50%.

Casio's EcoLite XJ-V1 projector features a throw ratio of 1.54-1.7:1, produces 2,700 lumens of brightness, and boasts XGA (1024 x 768) resolution which is suitable for displaying content from video and computer sources.

The EcoLite features inputs for RGB and HDMI and includes a Variable audio output for external audio.

The product includes a three year parts and labour warranty plus five years or 10,000 hours on the light source ensure reliable long term operation.

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