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Catch the Beats this Christmas...

The next line of studio headphones in the Beats by Dr Dre range have just been released, so Techday took to the streets of Auckland to see if we were cool enough to wear them.

The original Studio put Beats on the map, capturing the hearts and ears of consumers and creating demand for a premium sound experience.

Today, the new Beats Studio marks an elevated standard of quality, innovation and design for everything Beats brings to market moving forward, reinforcing the company’s commitment to exquisite form, function, and most importantly sound.

“Music is my first love,” said Dr. Dre. “It’s how artists and producers communicate with their fans, but if the sound isn’t right then the emotion isn’t right and the meaning gets lost in translation.”

“With the original Studio headphone we set out to prove that people all around the world care enough about sound to invest in it – and we did,” said Jimmy Lovine. “Now we are taking it a step further. The new Studio is tuned with balance, accuracy and emotion, has a breath taking design and truly innovative technology.  This is the sound of the future.”

The chaps above do not lie and the new studio headphones take a step up in terms of design, comfort and software.

All new ‘Beats Studio’ contain software call Beats Acoustic Engine or BAE to you and me, which helps to precisely tune the headphones and deliver crisp clear sounds to your lug-holes.

Coupled with this is the ANC feature or adaptive noise cancellation for the uninitiated and it has two modes.

Whilst listening to your tunes sound quality and noise cancellation are balanced to deliver a great listening experience. When unplugged the headphones simply block out most outside noise utilising the structure of the headphones and the quality ear-cups to eliminate unwanted sounds.

The new Beats Studios have been re-designed to offer a more steam-lined look, feel and fit. The headphones are made from lighter materials but are now stronger than before and have improved flexibility. The build quality is also top quality with no screws visible and no straight lines.

One of the best improvements is that the Beats Studio is now fitted with 20 hour rechargeable battery, which you can charge via USB port – which means no more changing batteries.

There is also a five light LED gauge to display the remaining charge, while there is an auto on/off function once the cable is connected or removed, so there is no worrying about remembering to switch off your headphones.

In your Beats Studio box you will find the headphones inside a svelte zip-up case and a separate box containing your cables and charging adaptor. There are three cables – a USB charging cable and two audio cables one featuring the in-line remote/microphone which is compatible with both iOS and Android.

There is even a karabiner hook for attaching your carry case while you’re on the go and a cleaning cloth. It is also unusual to see noise cancelling headphones containing a rechargeable battery and a wall adapter for travel use.

The ANC mode worked exceptionally well while on the buses and trains in Auckland – when no music was playing it was still capable of blocking out most sounds even when sat at the back of the bus. It even blocked out the excitable chatter of teenage girls on the bus, which is a big plus for me.

The new Beats Studio have taken a giant step forward and contains enough new features and accessories to make New Zealand’s audiophiles invest in a new set of headphones.

They retail for $499 and provide a sound quality and level of comfort that will make your commutes and air travel a much more enjoyable experience.

What do you think of the new Beats Studio headphones? Tell us your thoughts below