14 Sep 2015
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Cereal virtual reality?

By Patrick Pilcher

As a kid I remember when Kellogg's used to bundle tiny models of the Apollo lander in its cereal boxes, I’d collected one of every colour and used to marvel at the detail.

Sadly, nowadays if you’re lucky, you’ll get a particularly boring and uninspiring newsletter (and thank goodness some cereal). As sad as it seems, that time back in our childhood when we looked forward to cool goodies inside cereal boxes seems to have passed.

Or has it? Kellogg's is bringing back a cool cereal box prize that gives smartphone owners their very own taste of virtual reality.

If you’re a Nutri-Grain fan the bonus is that you get all the bits ‘n’ bobs needed to build virtual reality goggles - all you need are scissors and tape plus a small measure of patience to assemble the goggles.

There is one small catch - you’ll have to scoff all of the cereal before you can get to work assembling the goggles as they’re made from the cereal box. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

As long as you have an iPhone or Android smartphone all you need to do is cut the goggle template out of the Nutri-Grain box, folding and taping it together.

The next step is to place the lens piece into the headset. Last (but by no means least), download the official VR app (called Nutri-Grain BOLT) onto your phone, and drop your phone into the goggles (the goggles will work with Androids up to a 4.7" screen).

Voila! Your very own dose of VR.

The goggles are available in marked Nutri-Grain boxes (which also have a QR code that needs to be scanned before you can use the Kellogg's VR apps).

There’s three difference apps to choose from: a mountain bike track, a wing suit experience, and downhill longboarding.

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