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Chorus launches Hyperfibre across New Zealand

Mon, 2nd Nov 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Chorus has launched Hyperfibre,  the next-generation in broadband technology, across New Zealand.

Hyperfibre will be available to more than three million people across New Zealand, fundamentally changing the possibilities for how Kiwis live, work and play, the company says.

Following an initial launch in select regions including Queenstown, Wanaka and Cromwell in February this year, Chorus has confirmed Hyperfibre will now be available to nearly three million customers in towns and cities across the country. This ultra-fast fibre broadband technology boasts dramatically increased and symmetric upload and download speeds and cements New Zealand among the top countries internationally to offer broadband faster than one gigabit per second.
Chorus chief customer officer, Ed Hyde says that this is the next evolution in Chorus fibre network and is a gamechanger for connectivity in New Zealand.

"Hyperfibre unleashes a new era of hyper-connectivity, enabling businesses to innovate and supercharge their digital operations. It is the ultimate in internet and to be able to offer access to more than 3 million kiwis from today is an incredible development for the country," he says.

Vocus chief executive, consumer and business, Taryn Hamilton, says, "Hyperfibre is seen as ideal for organisations with demanding, mission-critical data access needs. Early customers are already seeing the benefits, 
"The speeds we can offer these days are truly staggering. If you told a Kiwi internet user a few years ago that they could get a 4Gbps connection at their house they would have laughed at you," Hamilton said.

"It's comically fast, and if we are honest, most Kiwi households wouldn't be able to use more than a small chunk of it. But, if internet history has taught us anything, technology will find a way to use all that bandwidth."

Matt Lindsay, country manager at MyRepublic, agrees, saying, "As an industry, we are starting to see new ways in which people are using connectivity, both for business, home and in a number of cases that line is blurring.

 "It's been great to see how our customers have been using Hyperfibre in their day-to-day," he said.

"From businesses that have moved their operations to the cloud to support their now remote work forces with centralised access, to people who are now hosting gaming servers in NZ to improve the experience for local gamer communities.

"Hyperfibre has also been a huge help to households that now not only have to keep pace with their already growing usage, but also have one or two people working from home added to the mix.

The release of Hyperfibre comes at a time when Kiwi homes are consuming more data than ever before with the surge in popularity of ultra-high-definition video streaming, cloud storage, advanced gaming and multiple connected devices. These online activities combined with more people working and learning from home, has seen the average monthly data use per household triple in less than five years.

Hyde says the product reinforces the superior broadband network Chorus has built and is excited by what the Hyperfibre rollout enables for all New Zealand fibre customers.

"The congestion free and highly secure fibre broadband network we've built in New Zealand over the past decade as part of the UFB programme has set a new standard for reliable internet in this country. Hyperfibre is the next evolution in this digital ecosystem and it will provide a platform for many generations to innovate, live and play. It really does reinforce the value of fibre as a broadband connection type and shows just how near limitless the network is."

Hyperfibre Key Facts:

  • Now available in all Chorus UFB1 fibre areas resulting in access for over 3 million Kiwis
  • Symmetric upload and download speeds
  • Currently 2Gig retail plans based on Chorus Hyperfibre start from $149.00 NZD per month
  • Currently 4Gig retail plans based on Chorus Hyperfibre start from $179.00 NZD per month
  • Capacity to deliver future broadband speeds of up to 8Gbps

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