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Could you welcome the Kuri robot as a family member?
Thu, 17th Aug 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The designers behind this robot say she isn't just helpful, she's adorable.

Kuri is a home robot who supposedly brings a spark of life to a user's home.

The robot can make every day easier, brighter, and more connected.

Her designers say that with emotive eyes and a friendly disposition, Kuri will always inspire and create connections in the home.

She can capture videos of you, your friends, your family, and your pets, every day, without ever picking up a camera.

Kuri has facial recognition as well as pet detection, allowing her to know exactly who she is interacting with.

Kuri cruises around the home effortlessly, avoiding obstacles.

She can also move over carpets and other rough surfaces.

The robot can quickly learn a home's floor plan, where the stairs are, and which room belongs to whom.

The designers say that Kuri learns the rhythm of a household, she can wake a user in time for work, and greet them when you come home at night.

If this hasn't convinced you to adopt Kuri maybe the way she talks will.

Kuri speaks in beeps and boops, yes, she speaks the same language as the famous R2-D2.

According to the Kuri website, the distinctive beeps are easy to learn and understand.

Kuri also responds and obeys voice commands.

The company saying, “Kuri's array of four directional microphones makes her an excellent listener, and allows her to respond to your voice commands.

“Kuri's powerful speakers also allows you listen to your favourite songs, podcasts, or audiobooks, wherever you are in the house.”

“From morning music to bedtime stories for the kids, Kuri helps your house sound alive.”

Additionally, users can control Kuri through an app.

All-in-all Kuri looks like she will be one of the most complete robotic assistants for any house.

Kuri can be pre-ordered for a cool US$799.