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Court grants Dotcom leave to appeal
Fri, 17th May 2013
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The New Zealand Supreme Court will hear Kim Dotcom's appeal that U.S. authorities do have to disclose evidence used against him in the upcoming extradition hearing.

The Megaupload founder's legal team have been fighting to reinstate the original decision that would see U.S. prosecutors disclosing their evidence to Dotcom ahead of the trial.

But after the decision was overturned, Dotcom's lawyer have not given up the fight, with the Supreme Court agreeing to hear Dotcom's legal challenge at a date yet to be set.

The decision follows the release of Dotcom's "White Paper", which claims the copyright infringement case against him is "clearly meritless."

Written by Dotcom's legal team in response to the FBI investigation against him, the 39-page document still does not compare to the 109-page record the U.S. authorities hold against the now Kiwi resident.

Officials across the Pacific, including the FBI, want Dotcom to face charges of racketeering, fraud, money-laundering and copyright theft in a U.S. court, which could carry a maximum 20 years if convicted.

Currently free on bail, Dotcom denies the allegations and has since launched a successor to Megaupload, in the form of Mega.co.nz.