01 Jan 2012
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Crazy cuisine

If you’re looking to spice up your regular restaurant routine, check out this website dedicated to the most unusual restaurants in the world. From the ‘Fat Duck’ restaurant in England boasting such delicacies as nitro-green tea and lime mousse, snail porridge, salmon poached with licorice and mango and Douglas fir puree, to the floating restaurant ‘Dinner in the Sky’ in Brussels, where patrons are suspended by a crane in midair while feasting on the executive chef’s specialized gourmet menu, to ‘Moto’ restaurant in Chicago where you don’t have to wait to get your meal – because the menus are edible: these restaurants will definitely inject some excitement into your diet. We especially find the idea behind ‘Dans le Noir’ Restaurant intriguing. The name of the restaurant translates from French to mean "in the dark” and diners will experience just that – eating in the pitch dark.  Founders Edouard de Broglie and Etienne Boisrond believe that the act of consuming food becomes more satisfying when you’re relying on senses other than sight. They even hire a primarily blind and visually-impaired staff to prove their point. Does the food at Dans Le Noir really taste all the better for it? Book a table at one of their three locations – Paris, London or Moscow – to find out. tinyurl.com/yeqs8uo

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