08 Jul 2013
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Cyclone to offer Chromebooks

By Rebecca Wood

Christchurch-based Cyclone Computers has been appointed a Google Chrome OS for enterprise reseller.

As well as selling the physical Chromebook devices, the company can now also provide the web-based Google Chromebook Management Console, which makes the use and management of the devices in the classroom significantly easier.

Leigh Gibbard, Cyclone’s national schools sale manager, says Chromebooks are increasingly seen as the device of choice for many schools throughout New Zealand who want to unlock the real potential of a managed 1-1 computing program in a cost effective, controlled and feature rich way.

Schools across the country, including those in the Manaiakalani cluster which rolled out 700 of the devices to students early this year, are looking at Chromebooks for classroom use.  The devices run on the cloud-based Google Chrome operating system and are primarily built for web browsing using Google Chrome.

Whilst many schools are using Google applications in the cloud, what has been missing is a means to manage those devices in an educational environment. This is where the Google Chromebook Management Console comes in.

Through the Management Console network administrators can allow or block apps, control user access and configure network access.

“Schools can manage and synchronise the use of individual devices through the larger suite,” says Gibbard. “It also makes it simpler to collaborate, and enables schools to lower the overall total cost of ownership.”

Devices from Samsung, HP and Acer will be available through Cyclone Computers.

In partnership with Google, Cyclone plans to use its national presence to deliver a series of roadshows across New Zealand during September to highlight to teachers the benefits of the Google Chromebook for the education sector and the means for enabling and empowering students in an appropriate environment.

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