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Dancing Stage Mario Mix

01 Dec 2005

This game gets the full Nintendo treatment. Like Donkey Konga it comes packaged with its own peripheral – in this case a rather impressive mat for you to stomp on (so you won’t have to engage in the slightly ludicrous pastime of playing the game on control pad). It includes more than 25 different tunes to get busy to, plus more to unlock as you progress and of course plenty of minigames to discover. As well as featuring characters from Mario’s adventures, the game also features backdrops from the strange worlds he has visited over the years and its amusing wackiness is portrayed perfectly.

You can dance off against a friend, either by turns or head to head if you both have a mat, and what began with Diet Mode is now a Workout feature: simply enter your weight and the machine calculates the calories you’re burning. And once you get into it – you really can work up a sweat

The plot is almost not worth mentioning – but someone has stolen some music keys and released the unstable power of music that is now wreaking havoc on the land. Mario must recover them before the chaos destroys the entire Mushroom Kingdom! How does he do this? By dancing of course!

But the plot is completely irrelevant as the minigames and activities are fun and very addictive. This game also deserves recognition as being one of the finest spectator videogames, especially for those with a penchant for pointing and laughing. A great package to keep the purple cube fans happy.


Energetic and fun. Great to invite your uncoordinated friends round for a laugh at their expense.


Can make you look like a retarded monkey in your own living room