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Dell unveils eco-friendly P-series & S-series monitors
Wed, 13th Mar 2024

Dell Technologies has unveiled its new P-series and S-series monitors, which cater to the various work and entertainment needs of its users. Specifically designed for business professionals looking to optimise their work productivity, the P-series monitors offer features such as improved resolution and colour performance, vision protection, and increased focus. Moreover, the robust line-up of P-series monitors provides a hassle-free setup with multiple ports for device connectivity and a height-adjustable stand for ease of use.

On the other hand, the S-series monitor range is geared towards families, students, and general consumers looking to enjoy entertainment activities. The monitors come equipped with features to protect users from eyestrain, smoother motion visuals, dual HDMI ports designed for seamless switching from streaming to gaming, and integrated dual 5W speakers for an immersive audio experience.

The top features of the P-series monitors include improved Productivity with an enhanced 100Hz refresh rate on an ultrathin bezel screen, FHD/WUXGA resolution featuring IPS technology for a consistent and smooth viewing experience. The Comfortable Viewing feature reduces harmful blue light to 35% or less, thanks to its improved ComfortView Plus feature that helps reduce eye fatigue, coupled with flicker-free vivid visuals with a 1500:1 contrast ratio and 99% sRGB colour coverage.

The P-series monitors also offer extensive connectivity with RJ45 for wired Ethernet connectivity and a single cable solution USB-C that allows for easy connection to a variety of devices. Added features include a conveniently designed height adjustable stand with a bi-directional tilt, pivot, and swivel function to provide a personalised setup.

For everyday versatility and comfort, the new S-series monitors showcase modern designs and features. Headlining visual excellence with 27-inch QHD & FHD resolutions along with 23.8-inch FHD IPS monitors, the collection is certified for exceptional eye comfort to reduce blue light emissions to 35% or less, in addition to delivering smoother motion visuals apt for casual gamers. The S-series also comes with the added advantage of an improved cable management design for a clutter-free set up convenient primary connections, and easy side-access secondary connections offering multiple input ports.

Fulfilling their commitment to sustainability, measures have been taken to design the new P-and S-series monitors using 85% post-consumer recycled and closed loop ITE-derived plastic, 50% recycled steel, 100% recycled aluminium, and at least 20% recycled glass. Energy conservation is made possible through PowerNap mode in Dell Display Manager, which dimms or puts the monitor to sleep when not in use and lowers energy use by up to 14.8%. In addition, Dell monitors ship in boxes made from 100% renewable content that can be recycled, further complementing their sustainability initiatives.

By offering a broad range of monitors, Dell Technologies continues to cater to the divergent needs of its users across the professional and leisure spectrum whilst remaining accountable to global environmental objectives.