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Destiny 2 boasts the largest console game launch week of the year

Destiny 2 surpassed the original's records for engagement and digital sales in launch week.

This universe will welcome players in on a new platform next month for the first time on PC.

Destiny 2 PC is available for pre-order now and is coming October 24th at retail and as the first non-Blizzard game to be offered digitally via Battle.net, Blizzard Entertainment's online gaming service.

Eric Hirshberg, Activision CEO says, “With franchise pre-order records broken, and record day-one performance on PlayStation Store, it's exciting to see engagement at the highest ever week-one concurrency for the franchise.

“Destiny 2 is off to a strong start as the number one console gaming launch week of the year to date.

“With the PC version yet to ship, Destiny 2 sets the stage for being one of the biggest video game entertainment events of the year."

For the third year in a row, Destiny is the number one console-only game viewed on Twitch by minutes watched.

Destiny 2, including its two betas, had more than 600M minutes watched on Twitch before the raid, a fan-favourite, endgame, 6-player gameplay experience started.

The raid, called “Leviathan,” went live for players on Sept. 13 globally and immediately shot to the number one position on Twitch based on total concurrent viewers.

Pete Parsons, Bungie CEO says, “We hit some great milestones this week with our community.

“We are blown away that we've had eight days in a row in Destiny 2 where we've seen more than one-million concurrent players grace our worlds.

“It's equal parts inspiring and humbling, and we're looking forward to showing everyone what's coming next!

Destiny 2 aims to take players on an epic journey across the universe to defend humanity from annihilation.

The game welcomes new players to the universe, as well as those who have been devoted to the universe since the beginning, with an array of modes and activities to explore. In the story of Destiny 2, the last safe city on Earth has fallen and lay in ruins, occupied by a powerful new army.

Players must master new abilities and weapons to reunite the city's forces, stand together and fight back to reclaim their home.

In Destiny 2, every player creates their own character called a “Guardian,” humanity's chosen protectors.

Players can choose from playing the cinematic, story campaign, venturing into the expansive destinations to joining in cooperative modes including Strike missions.

For competitive players, Destiny 2 offers intense 4v4 multiplayer matches in ‘The Crucible'.

An all-new, community-oriented feature to be implemented in Destiny 2 started rolling out on Tuesday, and is called the ‘Guided Games' system and helps players find groups to team up with to tackle Destiny 2's most challenging activities.

Also available are Sony PlayStation 4 timed exclusives which include a competitive multiplayer map, a three-player cooperative Strike, a blue and white coloured ship, specialized gear sets, and an exclusive exotic weapon.

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