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By Contributor, Thu 1 Jul 2010
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DEVIL MAY CRY: THE ANIMATED SERIES is based on Capcom’s hit video-game series.

The show follows the adventures of the demon slayer, Dante, as he hunts, shoots and carves up hell-spawn. Production-wise, it is pretty high class for a TV show, no doubt owing to Capcom’s clout and involvement in the project. The animation is in the traditional anime style and beautifully presented in hi-definition 1080p.

Devil May Cry: The Animated Series isn’t for the kids, as it doesn’t hold back on the gore. Dante’s demonic confrontations usually end in a hail of bullets from his pistols, Ebony and Ivory, and the flash of his blade, Rebellion. The English dialogue could have done with a bit of smoothing out rather than a seemingly by-the numbers translation. Some of the lines seem odd at times.

The hero, Dante, voiced for Westerners by the same rather constipated and breathy actor as the games, doesn’t come across as a very likeable chap. As with many anime productions, the characterisation doesn’t always translate well for Western audiences, their confidence in Japanese coming across as moody and arrogant in English. The extras are very disappointing. There is an interview with a Japanese voice actor that looks like amateur video filmed at a convention.

There is also the usual selection of throwaway trailers and promos. The included Devil May Cry 4 video game cut scenes are pretty disappointing as they are in standard definition, appearing very muddy. Worst of all, there's no 'making of' piece.

Devil May Cry: The Animated Series is a good attempt at capturing the essence of a button-mashing video game action and placing it in the somewhat more coherent, albeit traditionally bizarre, anime storytelling environment.

The tales are well plotted, often featuring subtly portrayed sentimental themes the likes of which you won’t find in Western animations. For fans of the games, picking up this set is a no-brainer. For the rest, it is a worthy introduction to the anime genre.

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