20 Sep 2012
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Documents appeal lands Dotcom in court

Kim Dotcom is back in court today to face a U.S. appeal against disclosure rulings regarding their case before next year's extradition hearings.

The Megaupload founder will hear the case in Wellington as U.S. government lawyers try to overturn a ruling which would force Dotcom to unveil "billions" of documents.

U.S. officials are battling a High Court ruling saying they must disclose its case against Dotcom to justify an extradition hearing, scheduled for March next year.

Yet U.S. government lawyer, John Pike, says given Dotcom's Megaupload site is the 19th or 20th most visited site on the globe - the electronic documents could number into the "billions."

Sat in the front row of the public gallery for today's hearing, Dotcom and associates are accused in the U.S. of copyright infringements and money laundering while allegedly profiting from 'pirating' copyrighted movies, games and music.

Today's appeal is expected to last for the majority of the day.

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