FutureFive NZ - Download-only plan for next-gen PS console considered, rejected

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Download-only plan for next-gen PS console considered, rejected


Sony insiders have revealed to the Wall Street Journal that the company considered but ultimately rejected a download-only plan for their next-generation console.





The fact they even considered such a model shows exactly what a force online networks have become in the gaming industry, theoretically making cartridges and discs obsolete.






An optical drive has instead been chosen as the way to go forward the report says, staying consistent with a decades-long industry practice.






The download-only model was rejected because internet connections around the world are too inconsistent, meaning that countries with poorer connection speeds would be hampered when playing online games.






In the same vein, the successor to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is also expected to include an optical disc drive rather than following a download-only plan.






With E3 just around the corner, the topic of next-generation consoles is bound to come up, but the only expected announcement in that area is that of Nintendo’s Wii U.






The follow-up to the PlayStation 3 is expected to be released in 2013, but rumours are rife and solid facts are thin on the ground.






It’s an especially crucial release for Sony, who are relying on something game-changing to stop the financial detriment faced by their other electronic departments.






The original PlayStation and the PS2 both once held the title of the world’s best-selling console, something the PS3 never claimed. Everyone at Sony will have their fingers crossed that the next generation of Playstation can reclaim the title, beating out current number one Nintendo Wii and second-equal rival, the Xbox 360.



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