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Draw me like one of your french girls

01 Nov 2011

This catchphrase, originating from the 1997 movie ‘Titanic’ (when Rose sees Jack’s drawings and tells him "Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls” wearing only her blue diamond necklace) has started popping up all over the internet attached to photos of people or animals laying down in an alluring pose (usually unintentionally). One of the first photos to become a part of this hilarious internet fad surfaced on the social media site Tumblr and featured a plump pug lying on a couch in a room decorated entirely with pink floral accessories. It has since exploded to include photos of people passed out after having too much to drink, other sleeping animals, statues and more. Here’s what the person who thought to put the caption on the pug photo had to say about it all:Meguhime: It all started when I was browsing on tumblr and noticed that photograph circulating on a few blogs that I follow. The comments were all in praise of the room decor, but almost all of them made fun of that poor pug. Finally I saw someone say "That ugly dog ruined the whole picture!” Well, I like to dabble in what I call "positive trolling”. So I took that photograph into Photoshop, made the macro in less than 5 minutes, and reposted it. I only had the intention of giving the pug some well deserved love… but then overnight it exploded.  I really had no idea it was going to become as big as it did. I go back and try to read the comments, and it just makes me so happy to know that I was able to make so many people laugh!It makes us happy too, thanks Meguhime!