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Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool Formaldehyde

By Owen McCarthy
Thu 21 Oct 2021

Nothing is as beautiful as spring, mused Gerard Manley Hopkins, where;

“Thrush’s eggs look little low heavens, and thrush 
Through the echoing timber does so rinse and wring 
The ear, it strikes like lightnings to hear him sing.”

I am busy working on my own version:

“Whence verdant Flora, blossoming,
Rank pollen fragrant noises about,
Wherefore it doth offendeth eyes, sinuses and lungs,
The wheeze whereof drowneth out
Sweet thrush’s vernal song.”

I’m sure this will pass the editor’s robust editing regimen, and all those for whom the bard still speaketh strong will pick up on its thinly veiled nuances. 

Meanwhile, I’m trying to add in imagery and metaphors of loratadine and asthma inhalers, but it’s a work in progress. 

A few years ago, Dyson products began to change my life for the better. Reddened eyes, running nose and constant reaching for Kleenex and inhalers are now memories. 

It’s been over five years since I’ve had to have a session on the nebuliser, and even longer since paramedics have had to give me oxygen. Bronchitis used to be my winter companion, but these days I can breathe deeply and safely.

We have Dyson products in our bedroom, living room and my little office. The Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde is the latest iteration, and it brings a new level of filtering, aiming at reducing formaldehyde particles in our homes. 

I attended a virtual release a while back and wrote about their filtering processes. I said that “We breathe about 9000 litres of air a day and mostly spend 90% of our time inside.

Dyson says, “There are a number of indoor pollution sources, which release pollutants like PM10, PM2.5, VOCs, NO2 and formaldehyde into the air. Sources of pollution are present in all aspects of our daily lives, whether that be PM2.5 emitted when cooking, VOCs released from cleaning products or the continuous off-gassing of formaldehyde from our living room furniture. 

“Tirelessly improving and constantly iterating, Dyson’s new Purifier Formaldehyde range reflects the latest technology in three core areas: sensing, filtration and acoustics.”

I went on to tell you about my aversion to formaldehyde, which for years has had me scrupulously avoiding museums because of their physical side effects. As a chronic asthmatic, I have been very keen to minimise any factors that trigger attacks. 

Don’t even get me started on my allergies. Usually at this time of year, my eyes are constantly streaming and red-rimmed. Activities such as cooking release their own sets of particulates, and I’ve been encouraged to run the Hot + Cool Formaldehyde when cooking. 

I’m a fan of using my phone as a controller of household devices, and Dyson has taken this a step further, allowing voice controls via Siri or Alexa. The Dyson Link app gives me yet another way to control my Dyson devices, leaving my hands free for other pursuits. This app gives you the option to create your own customisable options, from tracking particulate levels to tweaking the ambient temperature. 

Sitting mere centimetres from me, the Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde is rather quiet. The noise level of the airflow only becomes noticeable once you go higher than level 5. Even then, it remains the whooshing sound of air, and on a hot day, I don’t care if it keeps my rather ample but attractive frame cool. 

I switched to the provided remote control, which you store by placing it magnetically to the top of your device. The controls are nicely arranged, with Heating and Cooling appropriately colour-coded. If you plan on using the oscillate function, the Dyson Link app gives more precise control allowing you to choose the angle of oscillation. 

In other words, the Dyson is eminently controllable using remote, app and voice commands. The Dyson app also allows you to monitor the levels and air quality, as well as giving you the temperature and humidity levels. I’m happy to report that all my levels are in the green, but my clear eyes and lungs had already suggested that to me. 

Dyson’s website explains the Air Multiplier technology ensures that the air within the room is constantly circulated and filtered. I had wondered how the tiny formaldehyde molecules are captured, and I discovered that it is courtesy of the built-in catalytic filter. 

It operates by breaking down the formaldehyde molecules into water and CO2. This filter lasts for the life of the machine. The HEPA 13 and activated carbon filters filter out the particulate molecules, gases, allergens, and ultrafine pollutants. Dyson adds that the HEPA 13 protocol applies to the whole machine, meaning that what goes in stays in. Those filters will need replacing when the app or the machine’s display notifies you.

If you got through my poetry and read the review, you’ll have noted that I stress the cleansing and purifying nature of Dyson’s Purifier Hot + Cool Formaldehyde. The technology built into this device doesn’t come cheaply, selling for $1,099. 

However, if you suffer from allergies or respiratory ailments, the improved quality of life makes it worthwhile. As I typed that sentence, I subconsciously inhaled a lungful of fresh unpolluted air, with nary a hint of blocked sinus or wheeze. With spring swiftly progressing to summer, the “+ Cool” part of the equation will become as important as the “Purifier” part. 

Like many of you, I’ll be telling Saint Nick how good I’ve been this year, and hopefully, one of these will drop in my stocking.

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