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E3 Sony Round-up

Note: Sorry we're a bit late with these E3 roundups. Our reviewer has had a new baby so understandably that's pushed things back a bit. 

At the Sony Keynote, Jack Tretton, the CEO Of Sony Computer Entertainment started with an apology. A rather long, but necessary, apology during which he said sorry to everybody: Sony's content partners, retailers and most importantly us, the gamers. For the last fifteen years I've been handing out personal data and credit card details to firms I've never before heard of in order to obtain goods and services from the internet. Until the other month, I've never felt the need to change my passwords, let alone go to the length of actually cancelling my credit card. Apology accepted, Mr. Tretton. Moving on.

Sony didn't mess about in showing off the goods. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will be the best single player action adventure game that you will play this year. I can tell you that just by reading the title. The E3 demo had Drake running around a sinking ship. Yeah, it has been done before, but not like this. As the ship tilted violently on a stormy ocean, Drake stumbled and shifted his weight to counter the ship's erratic motion. Compartments filled with water as the ship lurched over and rolled onto its side. Drake then continued through this topsy-turvy Poseidon Adventure-style environment, with doors opening to ten foot drops into a watery abyss. All dramatic stuff, and a pretty impressive technical achievement to boot. I'm sure that Naughty Dog will, once again, take us on a adventure that will be the closest we will get to the gaming equivalent to a Hollywood motion picture blockbuster.