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Excitement builds for Mass Effect 3

27 Feb 2012

With just over a week before Mass Effect 3 is released, executive producer for the series Casey Hudson took to Twitter yesterday to answer questions from rabid fans.

Many players were concerned by the rumour that some of the story would only be available in a multiplayer play-through of the game, but Hudson says this is not the case.

Hudson also confirmed that the game will have downloadable content upon its launch, but this will not contain any key story elements.

"For the many who asked, plot arcs of the Protheans and other races are resolved in Mass Effect 3, not DLC. That is after all the focus of the story.”

He also offered up a vague guess at how long the story would take to complete, though refused to use actual hours and minutes.

"Tough to give an average, but it’s taken myself and others on the team longer to go through Mass Effect 3 than Mass Effect 2.”

Meanwhile, although allocated pre-order copies of Mass Effect 3: Collector’s Edition sold out long ago, it’s possible more may be on the way.

Amazon has told fans they are negotiating with the publisher of Mass Effect 3 to procure additional copies, as their first lot of the collector’s edition proved extremely popular and sold out.

Also, a live action trailer scheduled to air tonight has just been leaked; as of this writing it’s still up, but it may not be for long, so go here to check it out.

ME3 has a launch date of March 6, but we’ll do our best to keep you posted on all the pre-order news. You can also check out our interview with associate producer Robyn Theberge here