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EyeToy: Kinetic

01 Oct 2005

Now you can get in shape with an engaging and challenging workout all in the comfort of your own home. The EyeToy has been around for sometime now, and through a series of interesting titles has changed the way Playstation users have played, and interacted with games. EyeToy: Kinetic pushes that boundary again and could change the perception of gamers being unfit couch-potatoes. The PS2 exclusive game is described as an unique and innovative fitness product that acts as an in-home personal trainer to create authentic customised exercise routines with real-time performance evaluations for more effective workouts. Basically a fun mix of activities that make you look very stupid in front of your TV, but they do certainly make you sweat. Utilising the EyeToy technology, Kinetic combines a program of cardio, mind and body, and strength exercises inspired by Aerobics, Capoeira, Kick Boxing, Yoga, Modern Dance and Tai Chi.

You can choose between two unique personal trainers (male and female) each of whom provide guidance and assess players’ performances. These fit little digital coaches will take you through a selection of 12-week training programs, with individual routines to tone specific areas of the body. Believe it or not, the game actually keeps track of your schedule and your trainer is quick to point out when you have missed a session when you next turn-up. As well as appropriate music, there are four different areas for you to immerse yourself in as well, including a Dojo, a stylish dance studio, a serene Zen garden and an empty loft. To create a more interactive and robust workout experience, the innovative EyeToy technology measures the force and direction of the players’ movements, analyses them and provides real-time performance evaluations. Whether players are fitness fanatics or looking to rev up their workout routine, EyeToy: Kinetic provides a fun, personalised fitness experience custom tailored to each players’ fitness level. We haven’t had the game for 12 weeks but we’ve been promised general fitness, better reaction time, improved posture, balance, breathing and all-around body toning and conditioning - not bad for playing a video game!