15 Jun 2015
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Finally - iOS 9 will let you block ads

By Shannon Williams

Apple revealed the details of the next big update for its operating system; iOS 9, coming this September. 

Developers are hailing the latest version to be more of an improvement on iOS 8, rather than an entirely new operating system.

As previously reported by Techday, the new operating system does come with improved features for Siri and built-in apps. 

And while the new Split View feature for iPad is causing a stir, so too is the news that the latest operating system will allow users to finally block ads. 

Ad blocking extensions have been available to use for sometime on desktop browsers, but the extensions have not been available on the iPad or iPhone. iOS 9 looks to change that. 

Safari on iOS 9 will include support for content blocking extensions, that once installed will block advertising on a user’s device. According to release to developers, Apple says the extension can be used to block "cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other content."

Commentators are posing the idea that Apple’s plans to block ads on mobile devices are a big threat to publishers. Not only does ad blocking software block pesky pop up ads while surfing the internet, the software will also block paid advertising on websites  - a huge source of revenue for digital publishers the world over. 

Publishers who rely on advertising to pay the bills may potentially be put at risk here. If iOS users are able to block ads, the revenue stream from advertising becomes non-existent.

However, from a consumer perspective, ad blocking on iOS is great news. As browsing the internet, streaming and so forth becomes ever more popular on mobile devices, pop up ads are annoying and intrusive.

By allowing ad-blocking extensions through iOS 9, Apple will certainly make consumers happy. However, the tech giant may be hurting media organisations who rely on advertising to run content – about Apple for example.

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