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Fisher & Paykel introduce Kitchen Assistant for SmartHQ app
Thu, 4th Apr 2024

Appliance company, Fisher & Paykel Appliances have taken a new step in culinary technology with the recent introduction of the Kitchen Assistant feature to their SmartHQ app. This application was developed by digital technology partner Dynamo6.

The Kitchen Assistant works as a virtual sous chef, creating a journey through complex cooking instructions by transforming them into a simple, step-by-step guided culinary experience. This feature also uses a wireless temperature sensor, ensuring chefs at home consistently produce restaurant-quality meals, according to the company.

Fisher & Paykel lead the future of home cooking by harnessing the extensive design and technical expertise of Dynamo6 to realise their concept for the Kitchen Assistant, according to a statement from the company. This partnership resulted in an intuitively user-friendly augmentation to the SmartHQ app, targeting different cooking styles and providing real-time cooking monitoring directly from the user's smartphone.

The brains behind this operation, Peter O'Halloran, Digital Director at Dynamo6, played dual roles as Scrum Master and Business Analyst. He expounds on this project, stating, "Working with the highly experienced team of chefs at Fisher & Paykel to bring that depth of knowledge into an engaging and user-friendly app experience was a huge challenge. As a result, we're super proud of the finished product that empowers home cooks of all levels to achieve exceptional results, every time."

Built with preciseness and convenience in mind, the Kitchen Assistant uses a wireless temperature sensor that links with the app to provide a guided cooking sequence via its comprehensive step-by-step instructions. Its scope spans from helping you insert the sensor to monitoring the temperature throughout the cooking process and even calculating the perfect resting time for your dish. This culinary guide ensures juicy steaks and succulent holiday turkeys consistently hit the mark, the company states.

According to a statement, Dynamo6 genuinely considered the varied needs of home cooks in developing the Kitchen Assistant. By constructing a custom system to accommodate a broad range of cooking styles and meals, they set the stage for future adaptability. They integrated the Kitchen Assistant within the SmartHQ app, paving the way for a smooth user experience across the global smart appliance platforms of Haier and GE Appliances.

Megan Firkin, GM Product Line - Connected Ecosystems at Fisher & Paykel Appliances, commends this precious partnership, stating, "Dynamo6's expertise was instrumental in bringing Kitchen Assistant to life. Their team seamlessly integrated this innovative cooking experience into the SmartHQ app, creating a user-friendly guide for home chefs everywhere."