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Fortnite goes down under with new Aussie and NZ update

Get ready to say G'day with Fortnite, as the game has announced a brand new Australia and New Zealand in-game experience.

The new creation has been designed in conjunction with Australian and Kiwi Fortnite creative community builders Alliance Studios and Zen Creative, to celebrate the arrival of Fortnite ANZ's official social channels across Twitter.

Accessible through Fortnite creative using the island code: 4371-6551-3016, the Lands Down Under experience features its very own visitor centre, themed like a tourist stop where players will be able to see a gift shop, roadside cafe and function centre as they enter.

This visitors centre also doubles as a wildlife centre/aquarium where players will be able to see a variety of animals native to the ANZ region, such as koalas, kiwis, pukekos, kangaroos and even bin chickens.

While exploring the area, players can collect coins and redeem up to six free Australian in-game sprays designed by Melbourne artist George Rose. These are now again a collectible after their launch two years ago, and will be available daily.

The experience also includes four new Aussie/Kiwi themed mini-games players can compete in, racking up scores and challenging other guests. These games are based on popular locations and themes within the kiwi and Aussie lexicon, with tradies, surf and nature being prominently featured.

The mini-games are:

Sydney Surf Spectacular

Bake vs Batter

Kiwi Hideout

Aussie Tradie Empire

Fortnite is well known for its innovative and imaginative experiences, having many previous successful collaborations with Marvel, Wreck-It Ralph, John Wick and Star Wars. They partner with a number of companies, big and small, to enhance the overall user experience while constantly adding updates and patches along the way.

Launched in 2017 by Epic Games, Fortnite has continued to smash gaming and financial records across the globe, with data reported by SuperData Research in 2019 alone signalling a revenue intake of USD $1.8 billion.

It is available across a wide range of platforms including Playstation, Xbox, Mac, and Android. It has become a cultural phenomenon across all platforms, reigniting interest in the battle royale format for all generations and expanding the global market.

With COVID-19 shutting many borders until further notice, this new map and game option gives those around the world a taste of the classic Kiwi and Aussie experience without having to leave their screen.

More information on the new release can be found in-game and through the Fortnite ANZ social media channels.

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