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Full reveal: LEGO shares a glimpse of the full Super Mario range
Tue, 16th Jun 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

LEGO and Nintendo have jointly released the full details of the upcoming LEGO Super Mario product range and play experience – and it makes sure there's something for every Mario fan, child and adults alike.

With one base set (Starter Course), 10 expansion packs, four power-up packs and character packs with 10 characters to choose from, this is undoubtedly the most inclusive of any attempt to yank Mario from the virtual world into the physical world.

What is LEGO Super Mario? Find out in our review here – but we'll quickly cover the basics: Mario, as well as all of his friends (and foes), are now in LEGO form in an interactive game. You and your kids can build levels, defeat enemies, and collect coins as you move your way from start to finish.

While there are a few common features in terms of scoring, you'll find that there are pretty much no rules – except that you've got up to 90 seconds to complete your custom levels.

You can build those levels using the LEGO Super Mario Starter Pack and the expansion packs to create your own little worlds – think worlds of lava, deserts, and lush water and land vistas. Of course, Mario will meet friends, obstacles, and enemies along the way.

Gone are the paper-based manuals: you'll build the various figures and setpieces through the free LEGO Super Mario app. This app also lets players register their sets and keep track of how many coins they earn from their games.

In addition to the Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set and Bowser's Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set that were announced in April, but there are now more expansion sets to choose from, such as: the Guarded Fortress Expansion Set, the Mario's House - Yoshi Expansion Set, the Toad's Treasure Hunt Expansion Set, the Desert Pokey Expansion Set, the Whomp's Lava Trouble Expansion Set and the Boomer Bill Barrage Expansion Set.

Separate power-up packs give Mario different abilities. Plus, the blind bag character packs could contain a Paragoomba, Fuzzy, Spiny, Buzzy Beetle,
Bullet Bill, Bob-omb, Eep Cheep, Blooper, Urchin or Peepa!

“Sixteen LEGO Super Mario sets have been introduced and I am really looking forward to seeing how people's play expands with these and the unique Power-Up Packs,” says Nintendo game producer and executive officer Takashi Tezuka.

“Each player's preferences and imagination are different. By adding already owned LEGO bricks onto the Starter Course, and different LEGO Super Mario expansion sets, we hope that people can create different Mario worlds and continue enjoying them indefinitely.

The full LEGO Super Mario assortment will launch on 1st August, but fans can pre-order the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course on LEGO's website and from select leading retailers around the world now (subject to availability).

Read our review here,  and see what LEGO's Jonathan Bennink had to say in our interview from earlier this year here:

The New Zealand price list is below:

  • 71362 – LEGO Super Mario Guarded Fortress Expansion Set (RRP $89.99 NZD)
  • 71363 – LEGO Super Mario Desert Pokey Expansion Set (RRP $34.99 NZD)
  • 71364 – LEGO Super Mario Whomp's Lava Trouble Expansion Set (RRP $34.99 NZD)
  • 71365 – LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set (RRP $59.99 NZD)
  • 71366 – LEGO Super Mario Boomer Bill Barrage Expansion Set (RRP $59.99 NZD)
  • 71367 – LEGO Super Mario Mario's House - Yoshi Expansion Set (RRP $59.99 NZD)
  • 71368 – LEGO Super Mario Toad's Treasure Hunt Expansion Set (RRP $119.99 NZD)
  • 71369 – LEGO Super Mario Bowser's Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set (RRP $169.99 NZD)

Power-up Packs

  • 71370 - LEGO Super Mario Fire Mario Power-Up Pack (RRP $15.99 NZD)
  • 71371 - LEGO Super Mario Propeller Mario Power-Up Pack (RRP $15.99 NZD)
  • 71372 - LEGO Super Mario Cat Mario Power-Up Pack (RRP $15.99 NZD)
  • 71373 - LEGO Super Mario Builder Mario Power-Up Pack (RRP $15.99 NZD)

Character Packs

  • 71361 – LEGO Super Mario Character Packs – you'll get one of 10 characters (RRP $5.99 NZD)