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Funky white Lumia 800 lands with Vodafone

27 Apr 2012

Vodafone New Zealand has landed the first white Lumia 800 smartphones from Nokia, offering a new option for the Windows Phone-powered devices.

The Lumia 800 has previously only been available in black through Vodafone, and in black and cyan (blue) through Telecom. 2degrees is due to start selling the device but couldn’t tell us immediately when and in what colours.

Update: 2degrees have already started selling the Lumia 800 but are currently out of stock. They are selling the device in black only.

As an extra incentive, Vodafone is giving away a free Nokia Purity HD stereo headset from Monster to the first 25 online purchasers.

The only colour now not on offer here is magenta (pink), although Nokia is expected to announce more soon.