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Game Kingdom to close down

02 Aug 10

Game Kingdom, a game rental site accused of dodgy practice after charging the credit cards of multiple users who signed up for a free trial, is set to shut down following an email recently sent to its customers.

Game Console reported the allegations leveled at Game Kingdom last month and attempted to contact the proprietor for comment. However, much like the experience of many of Game Kingdom's customers, our correspondence was not returned.

Michael Gray, a dissatisfied user of the Game Kingdom service, recently forwarded the following notification-of-closure email to Game Console.

Dear User,

It is with sadness that we announce the team at GAMEKINGDOM are shutting down the business effective immediately. The cause has been a great ongoing budget crisis that we can no longer cope with in the long term.

We thank you for your time spent with us and hope you have had a pleasant time using the site. Whilst the business has ended running, the site will still be live until the 9th of August to allow users to return all currently rented games. All accounts will be cancelled from the date of this email.

Please be aware that once your account is cancelled, your rental queue will be deactivated immedately. All items that you currently have checked out must be returned to us no later than seven (7) days FROM receipt of this email in accordance with the Terms and Conditions that you agreed to when you originally signed up.

To review the Terms and Conditions, please visit the following link:

On behalf of the team at GAMEKINGDOM we thank you for your patience and business.

Kind Regards,