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Game review: iHooy!

08 Dec 2009

iHooy! is an arcade smasher that involves some of the Guitar Hero gameplay mechanism (but goes further by adding sliding) and combining it with Metal Gear Solid feeling (story, me - the hero, music). With its outstanding music and great graphic style ("The story cutscenes screens are worthy of a graphic novel" - Brickroll) iHooy makes you smile. It is crude, brutal, funny. Challenging and satisfying. iHooy! Game features: 16 levels of intense action engaging all of human's skills. Story mode telling the history of Hooy Ventura, The Greatest hero of all times. "Till we die mode", where only the best players will score hundreds of thousands of points. Epic OST that makes you want to cry or laugh. Or both. Hooy, the greatest hero of all time! You can view the trailer here.