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Game review: ReadySet Heroes disappoints

Fri, 18th Oct 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Indie games are usually fun because smaller developers like to think out of the box. Sadly though, ReadySet Heroes is an indie game without any interesting features.

ReadySet Heroes is supposed to be a multiplayer dungeon crawler. One of its biggest selling points is that you can play with people online in both co-op and versus modes.

However, it's sad for me to report that this game's online community is nonexistent even during its launch month. I was literally unable to find anyone to play with or against online.

To make things even worse, the PC version of this game has been delayed so the player count is smaller than anticipated. I reckon the game should have been free to play because nobody owns this game on PS4 at the moment.

Offline multiplayer is also problematic because the split screen setup is horrendous. Instead of splitting the screen in half for two players, the screen is shrunk to a quarter of the size!

I understand if the screen was small if three or four players were playing offline, but the screen shouldn't be this small for two players. The small screen size made the game literally unplayable for me and my brother which is a disappointment. The screen size should have been much bigger as it's way too small compared to other couch multiplayer gaming experiences.

Another thing that bothered me about this game is that it only has two game modes at launch. One of them is called Crawl n' Brawl and the other one is Tower Crawl.

In Crawl n' Brawl, you are doing the same dungeons as your opponents, but there's a time limit for all players. The player that gets the best loot usually wins. All you need to do is kill enemies faster than other competing players. You cannot play this mode by yourself.

Tower Crawl is where you can play the game solo or cooperatively. In this mode, you only have three lives in total and you have to survive 30 levels and many boss fights. If you die before the end, you have to start all over again.

What I did not like about this mode is that your lives are shared even though you are playing cooperatively. Even if you have two players, you only have three chances to survive or else it's game over!

In terms of graphics and gameplay, ReadySet Heroes is nothing special. The combat is so simplistic that's it's not really fun to play. As for the graphics, this game looks like it should have been released on mobile devices instead…

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