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Game of Thrones - we have questions (spoiler alert)
Fri, 19th Jun 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Warning! Mega spoiler alert! seriously, if you haven't finished season 5 yet, stop reading this.

With another GOT season over, one that was again as full of surprises as it was with people getting killed, I have had some time to digest it and try and make some sense of it all. But I can't. not really anyway. There are a whole bunch of plot lines that I am struggling with, so below are the questions I will have lingering in the back of my mind for the next 10 months as I wait for the next season.

Why didn't Jon Snow make a bigger effort to tell people what he had seen in the battle against the undead? I would have run in to Castle Black screaming, “Holy crap, seriously guys, dead people, everywhere, run! Run!” maybe then the other Knights Watch guys would have been too concerned with their own safety to kill him.

Where was the wolf when Jon needed him? Poor form Ghost. You will save Tarley, but not our man Jon? Bad dog! Bad!

What ever happened to those Brotherhood Without Banners guys? They showed up a year or so back, their guy had a fight with The Hound, died, and then came back to life, and that was that. Pretty amazing stuff, but seemingly not worthy of any more air time. Jon Snow could do with some of those Lazarus inspired skills right about now.

Bran Stark is on hiatus, just chilling in the bat cave, or whatever that thing was. The end of last season saw undead chasing him and his fairly lame crew into a weird cave only for the undead to smash to pieces on some invisible force field, but Bran and his crew didn't get a second of story time in the latest season. No one really gets or likes that story line anyway, so maybe the producers are hoping we just forget about him.

In a related point. Hodor.

Won't Jon Snow come back as a sexy undead guy for the white walkers? The other guy who died in Castle Black a few seasons ago came back from the dead (see this), so won't John?

Benjin Stark, Ned Stark's younger brother. Is he ever coming back? And if so, will he kill a whole bunch of Knights Watch guys for killing his nephew?

Onion Knight. What is his next move? When he learns of what happened to the young princess, will he kill the Red Woman? Or will he join the Knights Watch?

Did any of the following people actually die last night? Stannis, Jon Snow, Sansa and/or Theon. We didn't actually see any of them die for sure, so who knows?

How long into next season are we going to have to wait to see The Mountain 2.0 kill all of the Faith Militant?

Were those nomadic horse riding guys happy to see Queen Dragon Lady, or was that a chance meeting and now they will kill her in some horrible way? My guess is the former, and she will use them to kill other people she doesn't like.

What is Little Finger up to? In every sense, what the hell is that guy up to? Will he use the Knights of the Vale in some way? If so, who do they attack? Are the Boltons weak enough to take, or did defeating Stannis take very little out of them? But then, the Boltons are aligned with the Lannisters, so that would be a dumb move anyway. I don't know.

I think those are all the questions I have at this stage, but I am keen to hear any answers you think you have to them.

Brendan Ritchie is the CEO of DTS, a business focused ISP that has been supplying clients across Australia and New Zealand with internet, voice and tailored WAN solutions since 2002. Tweet him on @bcarmody